Firedance Friday

Here’s a recording I captured of a firedance, performed in Palo Cedro a few weeks ago.
With all the recent wildfires raging here locally, posting this seems almost risque`.
FlameStill1When one dances with fire, it can burn.

FireDance9 -1280
FireDance8 -1280FireDance3 -1280

FireDance2 -1280FireDance1 -1280Wishing safe success to the firefighters on the Gulch Fire in Bella Vista today. Protecting Northstate homes from wildfire is a different dance altogether.

Dancing with fire, it’s Really Redding.

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High speed rail to Redding

My friend Dave Rowney posted an image on Facebook that sparked my imagination.
Daves train 3Okay, so this is actually the TGV train from Paris to Barcelona. And then I added the Redding destination sign. A person can dream.

I’ve posted about this subject before. High speed rail would put Redding on the map.
This map. I didn’t alter it. Click to enlarge. R-E-D-D-I-N-G.
Rail map
Local business people wring their hands about our admittedly sparse airline service. How great would it be to hop on a train or two, and ride to Chicago? It would be really great. More about the HSR project at the official website:
Rail HSRRedding began as a rail town. We stand to gain a lot from high speed rail. Thanks Dave Rowney, for letting me abuse your terrific travel photo to help make the point. Here’s the unaltered original.Daves train

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Cottonwood Creek wet and dry

A study in contrast. The first image, the Interstate 5 bridge at Cottonwood Creek, when it was running at a pretty good clip in 2006.

Cottonwood Creek wetAnd then below, from yesterday in 2014.

Cottonwood Creek dryI’ve noticed a lot of changes in the local creekbeds since the drought began. Much of lower Churn Creek’s riparian vegetation is dying or in distress. I sure hope we get a wet winter.

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The Fantasy Fountain at Kids Kingdom

Imagine this water wonderland from the eyes of a child. Here’s a look at Redding’s Fantasy Fountain at Kids Kingdom park, as seen for the first time by grandson Talon, age 1.

Free Fantasy Fountains for kids. It’s Really Redding.

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National Neighborhood Night Out

We attended our neighborhood meeting in observance of National Neighborhood Night Out on Aug 5. Our awesome block captain was host. We had some folks from Shascom, RPD, and a few firemen come by too. And a police helicopter did a fly-by. It was good to see everyone. Crime prevention is always a hot topic.

Neighborhood crime prevention meetings. It’s Really Redding.

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Squashghetti -what to do with Summer squash that gets away

We’ve all seen them. Those giant Summer Squash or Zucchini that hide among the leaves in your garden until a few days too late, you notice them. Too big now to become delicate grilled veggies, they are now hulking massive squash.
Or maybe some “generous” neighbor might leave you a bag of them on your porch. By night. So you can’t shoo them away.
Like these big ol’ crooknecks. What to do?
Well, you can shred them into healthy squash noodles. We use a Kitchen Craft hand powered cutter, one of the more useful devices we have in our kitchen. You should check out Kitchen Craft if you haven’t already.

Squashghetti3Then, the delightful Karry whipped up a tomato sauce. If you live in Redding and you don’t have a big bush of Rosemary growing somewhere in your yard, you are missing out. Rosemary grows easily here.

Squashghetti4We microwave the “noodles” for a few minutes to take the edge off, but you could just as easily eat them raw.

Squashghetti5A 2010 Zinfindel from Moseley Family Cellars compliments the dish nicely.

Squashghetti6We toss in some green olives from The Olive Pit in Corning, and some parmigiano reggiano to complete the dish. Much better than leaving a bag of them on your neighbor’s porch in the dead of night. Squashghetti, it’s Really Redding.

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Redding is a great place to live

In case you were wondering. Or perhaps you’ve been misled about our quality of life by reading our so called “local” newspaper, or its online spawn Replete with recently incessant horror stories about petty crime and homelessness. Pleasurable living doesn’t sell papers or banner ads, evidently.
Meanwhile, a decent lifestyle goes on here.
Huh. Who knew?

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Redding fireworks Fourth of July 2014

As seen from our friend’s patio overlooking the Sacramento River. Music by Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy for a 2007 live recording at Turtle Bay. Fireworks generously provided every year by the philanthropic McConnell Foundation. Thanks to all involved!

Fireworks in Redding California Fourth of July 2014 from Skip Murphy on Vimeo.

Awesome fireworks on the fourth. It’s Really Redding.

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Our Italian travel photos in the Record Searchlight

Big fun! Jessica Skropanic featured a couple photos of me and the lovely Karry in Naples in their Sunday Edition. Here’s the link:
RS Travel photoBelow is the actual image I sent her. I thought it funny because we were unwittingly photobombed by the waiter’s buddy at the outdoor cafe. She said they couldn’t run it that way because we didn’t know his name. I explained that I was certain his name was Luigi Bomboni, but she was evidently unconvinced. Here’s the original image:

Skip and the lovely Karry at a street cafe in Naples.

Skip and the lovely Karry at a street cafe in Naples.

Here’s the larger image of Pompeii to go with it.
Skip and the lovely Karry gaze in wonder at PompeiiAnd if you are not completely bored by other people’s travel photos, you can see my images of the Vatican here:
And of Valencia here:
I really enjoyed Florence.

I really enjoyed Florence.

Thanks Jessica. Travel, it’s Really Redding.

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Floral fireworks

Looking forward to the big display tonight in Redding. This waterlily in my backyard struck me as a firework-like display in itself.
WaterLily close 1280


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